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So, what have we been doing?

First and foremost thank you!

So many of you have sent messages to see where we have gone and all the resulting well wishes have been very much appreciated.

As you may or may not know, it's been a bit of a weird year for us. I got covid back at the beginning of December and developed some fairly server neurological issues like fatigue and brain fog, that I have been slowly recovering from. It has pretty much put a stop to everything for me since. I am, however, on the mend and starting to slowly get back to normal life, raise those vibrations and return to Unity Is The Key!

Im going to slowly start phasing back into art, crystal, clothing and everything in-between. I will start by getting back to more social post and start updating the website. I know a lot of you are excited for them and we will be getting back to the live sales as soon as health, time and space allow.

We are commitment as ever is with quality, high vibrations and our especially lovely customers!

Graphic art of a baby with mandalas and textures with a spiritual or psychedelic atmosphere

More excitingly

We have welcomed our baby boy, Bodhi into the world. What does this little chap bring to the business aside from some extra fatigue recovery time? Well, if you check the map of conciseness made by Nick Zei, based around the work of David R Hawkings in his book, Truth vs. Falsehood.

You can see this little bundle of spirit and consciousness crossed over into matter for this brief human experience is vibrating pure love, which will defiantly be a blessing to our house and business.

Babies are pretty much born mindful master, in my opinion. All the stuff we strive to attain as adults in meditation and other practices, babies just are. They are 100% in the moment. They have not yet been programmed with our idea of time they have no concerns for the past or future. They are in a totally different non verbal state of awareness, therefore they have no concept of duality, right and wrong, good and bad, so everything just is!

Nick Zei - Instagram

David R Hawkings - Truth vs Falsehood

I feel like you can tangible feel this as you lay with a calm, content baby. Much like a crystal, they are just vibrating at that loving frequency and we can just allow ourself to be retuned and fall into this present and loving vibration with them.

People act differently too, I'm sure everyone feels it even if they don't believe in anything like energy and vibration. People stop, they want to talk, they want to help.

Babies are little fractals of this infinite universe. As that little fractal looks at you, an ever so slightly bigger fractal, looking back at it, we can ponder that we are both just part of the universe, nature, God or whatever you want to call "it" just looking at itself.

I think this can helps us remember that we all all supposed to be living in this higher vibration of love and acceptance. What an amazing world we could live in if we remembered this and found that loving vibration to extended it to ourselves first, and others. We are all the same thing, we are one!

That said he is terrible at wrapping and packing crystals 😂

Sending Peace, sending love!

Adam, Nat and Bodhi

Unity Is They Key


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