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Markets and Events

Discover Our Market Stall

Welcome to the vibrant heart of "Unity Is The Key" — our enchanting market stall. Nestled under a crisp white marquee adorned with our distinctive branding, our stall is a haven of artistic creations, crystals, and metaphysical wonders.

Crystal Wonderland:


Dive into a realm where crystals of every hue and vibration beckon. Our collection caters to all, starting from as low as 50p. Whether you're drawn to the gentle energy of tumble stones, the intricate beauty of carvings, the majestic presence of towers and spheres, or the allure of natural and rare pieces, our stall is a crystal wonderland waiting to be explored.

Artistry Unveiled:


Witness the convergence of art and energy. Our visionary art pieces, sculptures, and mandalas aren't just on display; they're windows into higher states of consciousness. Immerse yourself in the stories they tell, and perhaps find a piece that resonates with the depths of your being.

Orgone Creations: Feel the subtle energy radiating from our orgone pyramids. Meticulously crafted with metal shavings, quartz crystals, and intention, each piece is more than decor; it's a harmonious blend of art and metaphysics.

Incense to Enchant:


Let the fragrant waves of our incense transport you. We curate a selection that spans the spectrum of scents, enhancing the atmosphere and inviting you to linger in the sensory delights of our stall.


Your Journey Awaits:


Our setup goes beyond tables and merchandise; it's a carefully curated experience. Explore our offerings, from the affordable to the rare, and let the energy guide you. Take advantage of the convenience — we welcome card payments, ensuring a seamless journey as you immerse yourself in the treasures of "Unity Is The Key."

Join Us at the Market:


Discover our market stall at various events near you. Keep an eye on our social media and website for updates on where we'll pop up next. Whether you're a seasoned crystal enthusiast, an art lover, or a curious wanderer, our stall is a space where diverse energies converge, waiting to be explored.

Embrace the Experience:


From the moment you step under our marquee, you enter a world where unity, art, and metaphysics intertwine. While we don't have a fixed location, we bring the experience to different markets and events. Follow us online to stay in the loop about our upcoming appearances. Join us, virtually or in person, and let your journey with "Unity Is The Key" unfold.

Wishing you good vibrations


Unity Is The Key

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