Unity Is The Key

Wishing You Good Vibrations.

At Unity Is The Key the philosophy is high vibration decoration.


We conducted our business with the highest intentions from start to finish whether we are creating art, sourcing crystals or packing and sending our orders.

Unity Is The Key started as an art practice which is based around higher and altered states of conciseness including meditation, lucid dreaming and plant medicine. This evolved into making Orgone pyramids and devices which really sparked an interest in the energy that crystals have to offer. Ever since crystals have been flooding in from all over the world ready to find new allies and spread their energy.

But ultimately this is about you and your journey. We want to provide you with the ammunition for your ascension whether its art, orgone, crystals or whatever else, we want to help you raise your vibration and uplift your soul and environment.

Unity Is The Key


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