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Made by hand

We aim to make high vibration sculptures to provide your sacred space with a touch of mysticism. I design these objects to look beautiful and also be active energetic parts of your environment by incorporating an orgone matrix that always include plenty of metal shavings and atomised metals, quartz crystals and sand in polyester resin which shrink to stimulate the piezoelectric effect, and finished with a reiki charge.

What is orgone?

Placing Orgone anywhere in your environment is said to help reduce the effects of EMF pollution and create calm and peaceful atmosphere.


Orgone energy is a term invented by a man called Willhelm Reich and refers to life force energy that is all around us. This is also referred to as chi or prana in different traditions. Reich used what he called an orgone accumulator which was a box made of layers of organic sheets wool and inorganic wire wool to accumulate this energy into the box where a person could sit. The combination of organic (resin is carbon based) could attract and inorganic (metals) could reflect these energies both positive and negative. When a quartz crystal is added to this mix a scrubbing action occurs outputting only positive energy, the resin also shrinks as it cures squeezing the crystal stimulating a piezoelectric charge. Other crystals and stones are frequently added to the mix for their own esoteric properties to enhance and assist with this process.


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