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This newly discovered crystal has beautiful pink hues range from light dusky pinks to darker peachy tones; its characteristic colour coming from haematite inclusions in its formation. The pinks differ from the brighter pinks of Rose Quartz which gains its colouration from manganese, titanium and iron. 


Seen as a softer, more feminine version of Amethyst it contains the benefits of the more commonly found Amethyst such as physic activation, but Pink Amethyst connects to the heart chakra bringing a bodily grounding to these higher chakra activations. It nurtures and supports, activating soul guidance and healing through intuition and divine love. It connects one to the healing potential of your soul’s intuition rather that psychic direction. Good for anxiety and opening up the heart after trauma and grief. 


Only discovered in 2019, its properties are still being discovered and documented. Perhaps its greatest benefit is to support healing through these current times? 

Pink Amethyst at a glance


Love Heal Balance




Pink Amethyst

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