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How to pick the right crystal

We are big believers in the metaphysical properties of crystals.


There is a huge library of literature, videos, web pages and much more, but we are all unique. Crystals carry their own unique and unchanging vibration, think of it like a musical tuning fork that helps to tune an instrument, in this case us. Even thought the fork holds the note or the crystal holds he vibration, working with mercurial human beings can yelid different outcomes for the individual. Like many metaphysical practices, we are walking our own unique path, which I believes leads us all back to our ultimate unity, hence the name, Unity Is The Key!

Crystals also work holistically, so if you're looking for happiness you may just find a crystal that wants to work on the thing that is blocking your happiness rather than just simply making you more happy.

Our best advice for picking a crystal is working with your intuition, this way the crystal is already connecting with you and helping you to tune into some notes that need a little tuning.

This may sound daunting, but don't worry, you can't go too wrong. Keep your intentions in the highest order and no doubt the outcome will be positive for everyone!


Is a thousand pound amethyst cave calling you? Maybe try a tower, sphere or tumbled stone to get you going, or if the budget permits, go for it, thousand pound amethyst caves rarely disappoint! 

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