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I once had a vision that gave me the answer "unity is the key".

Frequency, resonance, harmony, unity.

I have always had a keen interest in drawing, a healthy streak of creativity and a passion for the metaphysical. Unity Is The Key explores art with themes of nature, reality, consciousness, the mind and metaphysical matters.

I was always a keen dreamer as a child and with a change in lifestyle I started to have vivid dreams and strange experiences which led to me explore lucid dreaming, out of body experiences and meditation. During this time the opportunity to travel also presented itself, this sparked a keen interest in ancient civilisations, temples and lost technology, sacred geometry, shamanism and plant medicine.

All designs are a mixture of photography, illustration and textures combined and manipulated digitally. Each piece is an invitation to breath deep and connect with your higher awareness and a sense of oneness as they channel the beauty, texture, colour and rhythm of these inner and outer worlds with soothing symmetry and sacred geometry.


I once had a vision that gave me the answer "unity is the key"



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